Using the iControls Pro with LrControl

LrControl supports the iControls Pro with the device default settings. So after you have installed LrControl, you can just take it out of the box, plug it in and it will work with LrControl.


The function of each control on the device can be changed using layers. Each layer defines the meaning of each encoder and fader.

Device Layers
Important! Leave the device layer always on the first layer. And only use the layers of the LrControl plug-in. Make sure the first LED above buttons 'a' and 'b' is illuminated. Use the buttons to select the first layer.

LrControl Layers

The LrControl layers are selected using the row of Solo buttons. The selected Solo button will light up.


ePrevious Photo
fNext Photo
jSync Controller to Photo
kReset All Develop Adjustments
lToggle Develop
Mute 1Before View
Mute 2Before/After Horizontal
Mute 3Before/After Vertical
Mute 4
Mute 5
Mute 6Copy All Develop Parameters
Mute 7Paste All Develop Parameters
Mute 8Reset Last Develop Parameter
Solo 1Select Layer 1
Solo 2Select Layer 2
Solo 3Select Layer 3
Solo 4Select Layer 4
Solo 5Select Layer 5
Solo 6Select Layer 6
Solo 7Select Layer 7
Record 1Flag As Reject
Record 2Flag: Remove
Record 3Flag As Pick
Record 4Set Rating 1
Record 5Set Rating 2
Record 6Set Rating 3
Record 7Set Rating 4
Record 8Set Rating 5

Knobs and Faders

Layer 1
KnobTemperatureTintSharpnessSharpen RadiusSharpen DetailSharpen Edge MaskingSharpen Edge Masking
Layer 2
KnobParametric DarksParametric LightsParametric ShadowsParametric HighlightsParametric Shadow SplitParametric Midtone SplitParametric Highlight SplitParametric Highlight Split
Layer 3
KnobSaturation Adjustment RedSaturation Adjustment OrangeSaturation Adjustment YellowSaturation Adjustment GreenSaturation Adjustment AquaSaturation Adjustment BlueSaturation Adjustment PurpleSaturation Adjustment Magenta
FaderHue Adjustment RedHue Adjustment OrangeHue Adjustment YellowHue Adjustment GreenHue Adjustment AquaHue Adjustment BlueHue Adjustment PurpleHue Adjustment MagentaExposure
Layer 4
KnobGray Mixer RedGray Mixer OrangeGray Mixer YellowGray Mixer GreenGray Mixer AquaGray Mixer BlueGray Mixer PurpleGray Mixer Magenta
FaderLuminance Adjustment RedLuminance Adjustment OrangeLuminance Adjustment YellowLuminance Adjustment GreenLuminance Adjustment AquaLuminance Adjustment BlueLuminance Adjustment PurpleLuminance Adjustment MagentaExposure
Layer 5
FaderSplit Toning Shadow HueSplit Toning Shadow SaturationSplit Toning Highlight HueSplit Toning Highlight SaturationSplit Toning BalanceExposure
Layer 6
KnobColor Noise ReductionColor Noise Reduction DetailColor Noise Reduction Smoothness
FaderSharpnessSharpen RadiusSharpen DetailSharpen Edge MaskingLuminance SmoothingLuminance Noise Reduction DetailLuminance Noise Reduction ContrastExposure
Layer 7
KnobGrain AmountGrain SizeGrain FrequencyPerspective Rotate
FaderDistortionVertical PerspectiveHorizontal PerspectivePerspective RotateScaleAspect RatioExposure

Tool Mode

When you use the Graduated Filter tool, the Radial Filter tool or the Adjustment Brush, the faders control the tool parameters. Start with selecting the tool and click in the image to position it. LrControl will automatically detect tool mode and adjust the faders.

EncodersTool TemperatureTool TintTool SaturationTool SharpnessTool Luminance NoiseTool MoireTool DefringeStraighten Angle
FadersTool ContrastTool HighlightsTool ShadowsTool ClarityTool DehazeTool SaturationTool Exposure

Function Details

Most functions are tied directly to a Lightroom parameter or function. But some have a function specific for the LrControl plug-in.

Using the Sel Buttons

When you power-up the device it is automatically using the device-layer 1, the LED marked 1 is burning in the top left corner of the device. In this mode, the Sel buttons cannot be used, because the message they send is also sent when using the knobs and sliders.

If you want to use these Sel buttons, it is necessary to re-program the device. Most of the work is already done, you can download a complete setup for the iControl Pro that allows you to use the Sel buttons as well.

Download iControls Pro iMap application

Use this application to send a new configuration to the controller. Download the version for your platform and install it.

iControls Pro Download Page

Download iControls Pro configuration

Load this file in the iMap application and send it to the device. Then select the second LED in the top left corner using the buttons below the LEDS. Remember to always select this second LED after powering on the device.


Download mapping for shuttle wheel

The big wheel in the bottom left behaviour is erratic. It sends different messages depending on what you did previously. To simply make it always do previous or next photo, download this file and import if from the "Controller Setup" dialog in LrControl.