Below you see the black version of the KORG nanoKONTROL 2. The buttons on the left are labeled and you can find their function in the table below. To the right of these you a row of knobs, three rows of buttons and a row of faders. These are all numbered 1 to 8. Only the row of M buttons currently have no function yet.

APrevious Photo
BNext Photo
CReset All Develop Adjustments
DSync Controller to Photo
GZoom Out Some
HZoom In Some
IToggle Zoom
JToggle Pickup Mode
KToggle Develop
S1Flag As Reject
S2Flag: Remove
S3Flag As Pick
S4Set Rating 1
S5Set Rating 2
S6Set Rating 3
S7Set Rating 4
S8Set Rating 5
M1Before View
M2Before/After Horizontal
M3Before/After Vertical
M6Copy All Develop Parameters
M7Paste All Develop Parameters
M8Reset Last Develop Parameter
R1Select Layer 1
R2Select Layer 2
R3Select Layer 3
R4Select Layer 4
R5Select Layer 5
R6Select Layer 6
R7Select Layer 7
R8Select Layer 8

Function Details

Most functions are tied directly to a Lightroom parameter or function. But some have a function specific for the LrControl plug-in.


The function of the knobs an faders can be changed by switching layers. Pressing one of the R buttons, activates a different layer. Each layer corresponds to a section of develop parameters in Lightroom. Using the tabs below will reveal a table for each layer.

Note that not all controls are always mapped to a function. And in layer 8, all knobs and faders have no effect. In this layer, you can change the controllers without affecting Lightroom parameters. You can use this for example when you have just moved a fader to the end and want to start from the middle with a different photo.

Layer 1
KnobTemperatureTemp. Fine AdjustmentTintSaturationSharpnessSharpen RadiusSharpen DetailSharpen Edge Masking
Layer 2
KnobParametric Shadow SplitParametric Midtone SplitParametric Highlight Split
FaderParametric ShadowsParametric DarksParametric LightsParametric Highlights
Layer 3
KnobSaturation Adjustment RedSaturation Adjustment OrangeSaturation Adjustment YellowSaturation Adjustment GreenSaturation Adjustment AquaSaturation Adjustment BlueSaturation Adjustment PurpleSaturation Adjustment Magenta
FaderHue Adjustment RedHue Adjustment OrangeHue Adjustment YellowHue Adjustment GreenHue Adjustment AquaHue Adjustment BlueHue Adjustment PurpleHue Adjustment Magenta
Layer 4
KnobGray Mixer RedGray Mixer OrangeGray Mixer YellowGray Mixer GreenGray Mixer AquaGray Mixer BlueGray Mixer PurpleGray Mixer Magenta
FaderLuminance Adjustment RedLuminance Adjustment OrangeLuminance Adjustment YellowLuminance Adjustment GreenLuminance Adjustment AquaLuminance Adjustment BlueLuminance Adjustment PurpleLuminance Adjustment Magenta
Layer 5
KnobDistortionVertical PerspectiveHorizontal PerspectivePerspective RotateScaleAspect Ratio
FaderSplit Toning Shadow HueSplit Toning Shadow SaturationSplit Toning Highlight HueSplit Toning Highlight SaturationSplit Toning Balance
Layer 6
KnobColor Noise ReductionColor Noise Reduction DetailColor Noise Reduction Smoothness
FaderSharpnessSharpen RadiusSharpen DetailSharpen Edge MaskingLuminance SmoothingLuminance Noise Reduction DetailLuminance Noise Reduction Contrast
Layer 7
KnobGrain AmountGrain SizeGrain Frequency
FaderDehazePost Crop Vignette AmountPost Crop Vignette MidpointPost Crop Vignette RoundnessPost Crop Vignette FeatherPost Crop Vignette Highlight Contrast
Layer 8

Tool Mode

When you use the Graduated Filter tool, the Radial Filter tool or the Adjustment Brush, the knobs and faders control the tool parameters. Start with selecting the tool and click in the image to position it. Now you can control the tool parameters with the knobs and faders.

Layer 8
KnobTool TemperatureStraighten AngleTool TintTool SaturationTool SharpnessTool Luminance NoiseTool MoireTool Defringe
FaderTool ExposureTool ContrastTool HighlightsTool ShadowsTool ClarityTool Dehaze

Factory Reset

If you notice that you get unexpected results, you should try a factory reset. After a factory reset, the device should work again.

To do a factory reset follow the following steps:

  1. Unplug the device.
  2. Hold down PREV TRACK button, NEXT TRACK button and CYCLE button.
  3. Plug-in the device while keeping down the three buttons.
  4. The transport buttons (except CYCLE) will blink when the factory-set default state has been restored.