80 Buttons

This device only has buttons. Great for adding a lot of buttons to your setup. But it is also great for fast processing of large photo collections. Especially for this device, LrControl has a few powerfull new functions for adjusting develop parameters.

Adjust Develop Parameter

With this function you can increase or decrease a develop parameter by any value you want. You can choose the default Lightroom steps, or choose your own. Now you can adjust a develop parameter with just a few taps on a button.

Set Develop Parameter

With this function you set a develop parameter to a fixed value. Choose any value you want.

Function Details

Since this device only has buttons, you can only use the button functions. See the Button Functions section in the function reference.

Flag As RejectFlag: RemoveFlag As PickSet Rating 1Set Rating 2Set Rating 3Set Rating 4Set Rating 5
AUndoRedoPrevious PhotoNext PhotoExport PreviousNew SnapshotEdit in PhotoshopReset Last Develop ParameterReset All Develop Adjustments
BAfter ViewBefore ViewBefore/After HorizontalBefore/After VerticalZoom Out SomeZoom In SomeToggle ZoomToggle All PanelsNext Light Mode
CPaste Settings from PreviousAuto ToneWhite BalanceAuto White BalancePost Crop Vignette Style
DIncrease Luminance SmoothingIncrease Luminance Noise Reduction DetailIncrease Luminance Noise Reduction ContrastIncrease Color Noise ReductionIncrease Color Noise Reduction DetailIncrease Color Noise Reduction SmoothnessIncrease Perspective RotateIncrease DehazeIncrease Post Crop Vignette Amount
EDecrease Luminance SmoothingDecrease Luminance Noise Reduction DetailDecrease Luminance Noise Reduction ContrastDecrease Color Noise ReductionDecrease Color Noise Reduction DetailDecrease Color Noise Reduction SmoothnessDecrease Perspective RotateDecrease DehazeDecrease Post Crop Vignette Amount
FTemperature = 7000Tint = 5Exposure = 0.22Contrast = 8Highlights = -100Shadows = 20Clarity = 10Vibrance = 10Sharpness = 50
GIncrease TemperatureIncrease TintIncrease ExposureIncrease ContrastIncrease HighlightsIncrease ShadowsIncrease ClarityIncrease VibranceIncrease Sharpness
HDecrease TemperatureDecrease TintDecrease ExposureDecrease ContrastDecrease HighlightsDecrease ShadowsDecrease ClarityDecrease VibranceDecrease Sharpness

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