MIDI Controllers for PrControl

PrControl works with any midi controller. But it works best with a limited selection of controllers that are automatically recognised and configured.

There are currently about 15 different controllers that all work very well with PrControl. To make selecting one a little bit easier, let's look at a few controllers that offer great value for money.

When you have ordered a controller, bookmark this page. And come back once you have received your controller. And proceed to downloading and installing the PrControl plug-in.

Behringer X-Touch mini

This controller is great, because it is compact, affordable and it works well with PrControl. It has absolute knobs with LED collars. The slider is not motorised.

Behringer X-Touch Extender

This controller is still fairly compact but has 8 relative knobs with LED collars, 8 motorised high resolution sliders, 32 buttons and 8 LCD displays. The displays show the currently active functions of the knobs and sliders.

Besides these there are many more controllers to choose from. The button below open a new page with links to online stores.

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