Function Layers

With PrControl every control-input or button can have multiple functions.

To organise the different functions of controls and buttons, they are grouped into layers. And you select the active set of functions by choosing the appropriate layer.

You can view the functions in each layer using the extension panel. You can also generate a printable web-page with the View Functions button in the setup dialog. If you keep the extension panel open while configuring the controller, you can keep track of what you are doing. And you can see which controls are still unused.

Switching Layers

To make a different layer active, you have to press a particular button on the controller. There are button functions that set a layer directly, like "Select Layer 1", and there are functions that go to the next or the previous layer.

  • "Increase Layer"
  • "Decrease Layer"
  • "Select Layer 1"
  • "Select Layer 2"
  • "Select Layer 3"
  • "Select Layer 4"
  • "Select Layer 5"
  • "Select Layer 6"
  • "Select Layer 7"
  • "Select Layer 8"

Controllers with relatively few buttons, do not have all layer functions mapped to buttons. Assign these layer functions as needed.

LED Buttons

If your controller has LED-buttons, the layer-button will light when the corresponding layer is selected. For example if you have assigned the function "Select Layer 1" to a button, this button will light up when layer 1 is selected. Buttons for increasing or decreasing the layer will not light.

Button Layers

The amount of sliders and knobs is usually much smaller than the amount of buttons. So for sliders and knobs you need more layers. That is why there are 8 layers, these are numbered 1 to 8.

For buttons there are only two layers. To avoid having to switch them separately, the button layers switch at the same time. When the active layer is 1 you also have button layer 1. And if the current layer is greater than 1, you have the button layer 2.

The reason there are button layers, is because while mixing audio, you need access to different functions. Like mute, select, solo and record, that you do not need while color correcting. In the default configuration, layer 1 is setup for audio, while layer 2 is setup for color correction.

Assigning functions in Layers

When you assign functions to controls, you always work in the currently selected layer. To start with a new layer, you must first assign a function to switch to that layer in the current layer. For example, to start working on layer 2, assign the "Select Layer 2" function to a button.

Note that while known controllers are pre-configured with layer 1 for audio mixing, you are completely free to configure the controller how you see fit. You can have audio and lumetri functions in the same layer and functions can appear in multiple layers as well.

When configuring layer buttons, try turning on the Mute checkbox in the assign functions dialog. This will temporarily stop PrControl from performing functions.

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