Setup Other Controllers

First of all, if you do not own a controller, please choose one of the supported controllers. That will make it much easier to start with LrControl.

But if you already own a controller, and it is not one of the controllers supported, there is a way to use your controller with LrControl. When LrControl detects an unknown controller, it uses a generic device mode for that device.

The idea is that most controllers can be edited with an editor program, thus the controller can be programmed to send messages that LrControl understands.

Editor Software

Download editor software from the controller manufacturer website. Most manufacturers supply editor software that can be used to program the messages the controller sends when using the sliders and knobs.

Some devices can also be programmed directly on the controller. Check the manual of the device to see how that is done.

Once you know how to program the controller you can get started.

Programming Buttons

Buttons must be programmed to send key-on and key-off messages. Some controllers will already do this, some need to be changed. They may send some other kind of message like CC.

The key-on message must have a velocity of 127 (0x7F). The key-off should have a velocity of 0. Instead of a key off, the device may also send a key-on with velocity 0 instead of a key-off when the button is released.

The note numbers should be from 1 to 48.

Example key on message: 0x90 0x01 0x7F

Example key off message: 0x80 0x01 0x00

Programming Sliders

Sliders must send CC messages on channel 0 with control numbers from 1 to 32. And the values should be from 0 to 127 (0x7F).

Example CC message: 0xB0 0x01 0x5D

Programming Knobs

How you program these depends on the type of knob. If it sends a value from 0 to 127, you can program it like a slider.

If it is an knob that does not have an end stop and sends incremental messages between -5 and +5, program it to send CC messages with CC numbers starting from 33 up to 48.

Example CC message: 0xB0 0x21 0x01

Setup in LrControl

Once the device is programmed to send messages that LrControl understands, you can start assigning functions to the controls from the LrControl plug-in. Open the Controller Setup dialog and use the customize button to assign a function to each control.

Note that in generic mode, LrControl has some functions pre-assigned, CC messages have the same function as the sliders on the KORG nanoKONTROL 2. Buttons 1 to 8 select layers 1 to 8. And 9-15 select image flag status.

Tool Mode

Tool Mode is activated automatically when you select a tool in Lightroom.

Tool mode currently cannot be customized in LrControl. Instead program the controller to send CC messages for the sliders or knobs with control numbers 1-16.

If you have a controller that sends increment/decrement messages, use CC numbers 33 to 48 instead, see also "Programming Knobs" above.

Function Details

Most functions are tied directly to a Lightroom parameter or function. But some have a function specific for the LrControl plug-in.