Control Lightroom with Comfort

LrControl connects physical sliders and knobs to the sliders in Adobe Lightroom. It's a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom plug-in that connects to USB control surfaces. Now you can enjoy the tactile feedback from a controller, which gives you more accurate and faster control while developing your photos in Lightroom. The increased productivity helps you get the job done in less time.

What customers are saying about LrControl

LrControl is great value

The supported controllers have a low price per slider/knob. The controllers all have at least 8 knobs and most have 8 sliders as well.

Customize LrControl

All supported controllers are pre-configured, but can easily be customized. You can get started quickly and change controller functions to suit your needs whenever you want. And starting with v1.6, you can view all your controller functions including any changes you made.