The BCF2000 is a very versatile controller. A unique feature shared with the BCR2000, is it's display that shows you the midi values the controller is sending. The display is also used for providing feedback when programming and selecting presets. it is comfortable to use, but a bit noisy. The motorised faders make a buzzing sound when the motors are activated. This also happens when the faders are updated, but do not need to move. But LrControl and PrControl cache the position of the faders and only update the BCF2000 when the faders have to move to a different position, thus limiting the amount of buzzing.

Using the BCF2000

Plug in the BCF2000 and select PRESET 1.

If PRESET 1 is not in factory settings, you can send the preset data to your BCF2000 from the LrControl plug-in. You can then store it in any preset you like. Find the menu in Lightroom-> Help-> Plug-in Extras-> Controller Setup.

Encoder Groups

The encoder groups switch the function of the encoders, so they act like a kind of layer just for the encoders.


The BCF2000 is out of production. If you want one, you can probably find one on eBay.