Privacy Policy

This website uses cookies. And if you buy something on, the information you enter is used to process your payment and to deliver your license code. This data is stored on servers of the payment provider, ( Peltmade uses licenses that are linked to your email address. So when you place an order, your email address is sent to a Peltmade server that generates the license code. The generated license codes are stored. And the license code and email address are also send to a email account.


How many times a day do you click on some button to hide another cookie consent thing on a website? I have no idea, but it seems to be very often and I don't like it. It also seems a bit silly. The idea was to improve privacy, websites should ask permission to use cookies. But many websites just want you to accept cookies. I did not add cookie consent to this site. I think it is much better to control cookies using your browser. In your browser preferences there should be option to automatically delete cookies, limit cross-site tracking or similar. And you can also use extensions or plug-ins to limit tracking and cookies.

The cookies on this website are placed by Google and Paddle. Google Analytics monitors the performance of the site to help improve it, and it uses cookies. Paddle uses cookies to handle purchases, this includes cookies for affiliate tracking. An affiliate is someone who has links to on their site. If you used a link like that, the affiliate can earn a commission when you buy something. In practice, I do not have many affiliates yet, but if you are interested, find out more.

Plug-ins and Applications

Peltmade applications and plug-ins do not collect data about you. Applications and mobile apps often collect a lot of data and send data about you to their servers. In fact if you would investigate this, you would find that your computers and smartphones are collecting data and sending it to servers all day long. This costs a lot of bandwidth and drains your batteries.

Peltmade applications and plug-ins only connect to the internet to check for a new version and this is done only once a week. The amount of data is also extremely small, just the version number is downloaded.