With the PrControl plug-in you can use any MIDI controller as a control surface for Premiere Pro.

Why use a controller?

Using a controller can help making editing lumetri and mixing audio more intuitive, comfortable and accurate. It is also a very enjoyable experience.

Why use a MIDI controller?

Currently, there are controllers available specially made for Premiere Pro. While that may seem like a good idea, you are much better off with a MIDI controller.

Low prices, great value for money

The market for MIDI controllers is large and competitive, so the prices are low. So you get excellent value for money.

MIDI controllers start at about $50 and PrControl is €49/$49.

MIDI controllers retain value

MIDI controllers are used by many people, so there is a large market for used controllers. This means if you no longer need the controller, you can sell it easily.

More controllers to choose from

There are many different controllers. So you can choose one that matches your workflow and budget. You can also start with a low-cost one and upgrade later. Or get a small one for on-location work and a larger one for the studio. You can even use multiple controllers simultaneously.

Fully Configurable

PrControl is fully configurable, and it is easy to do. You simply move a control and then pick the function you want it to have. Even better, you can have up to 8 functions per control.

PrControl intro video

This video shows a few of the things you can do with PrControl. A better video is coming soon!

Get started today!

It's easy to get started with PrControl. The button below takes you to a the quick start guide, which helps you with choosing a controller and installing and using the PrControl plug-in.

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