Arturia Beatstep


Arturia Beatstep and LrControl

LrControl 5.2.0 fully supports the Arturia Beatstep. The factory settings of the Beatstep are not suitable for LrControl.

To prepare the Beatstep for use with LrControl and PrControl the encoders and buttons have to be configured. This can be done in two different ways. You can send a configuration from within LrControl. Or you can use the Arturia MIDI Control Center to send the configuration to the Beatstep.

Configure Beatstep from LrControl

In the LrControl setup dialog, there is an option "Send Preset Data". Wait about 10 seconds till you get a message that the data has been send. Then save the preset on the controller. Now test that the Beatstep is working properly with LrControl. If programming the Beatstep from LrControl did not work, you can try programming it using the Arturia MIDI Control Center.

Arturia Beatstep and PrControl

Before use with PrControl, the Beatstep has to be configured. The configuration for PrControl is the same as for LrControl.

Configure Beatstep from PrControl

In the PrControl setup dialog, select the Arturia Beatstep and click the Options button to open the controller options. Then press the "Send Preset Dump" button. This will send the configuration data to the controller. When the transfer is complete, save the configuration on the controller, see below.

Arturia MIDI Control Center

Arturia provides an application that can be used to program the Beatstep.

Get the MIDI Control Center from the Arturia downloads page. The list of software is quite long, use the list of products on the left and look for Midi Control Center.

You also need the configuration file, which you can download here. In the MIDI Control Center, click the Import button and load the LrPrControl.beatstep file from the downloads folder. Then select the just imported LrPrControl in the list of User Templates. Then select "Working Memory" and click the Store To button.

Save The Configuration

When you have send a configuration to the Beatstep it remains in working memory until the controller shuts down. To save the configuration, press STORE and one of the buttons 1-16 at the same time. Once you have saved you can quickly reload the preset by pressing the RECALL button and the appropriate button at the same time. Note that the Beatstep normally remembers the selected preset, so you do not need to use the recall button every time you use the Beatstep.

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