Novation Launchpad Mini Mk2

80 Buttons

This device only has buttons. Great for adding a lot of buttons to your setup. But it is also great for fast processing of large photo collections. LrControl has functions specifically for adjusting develop parameters with buttons.

It may seem a bit odd to use buttons for developing your photos, but it can be a surprisingly effective and fast way of working. Instead of turning a knob or sliding a slider, you just tap a few buttons. For example you could program a button to increase exposure by 10

Adjust Develop Parameter

With this function you can increase or decrease a develop parameter by any value you want. You can choose the default Lightroom steps, or choose your own. Now you can adjust a develop parameter with just a few taps on a button.

Set Develop Parameter

With this function you set a develop parameter to a fixed value.

Novation Launchpad Mini Mk3

The Mk3 is not the same device as the Mk2 and it is probably not compatible. If you are interested in using the Mk3 with LrControl or PrControl, send an email.