DJ Tech Tools MIDI Fighter Twister


Using the Midi Fighter Twister

Important! To use this device, you must load a mapping file for LrControl onto the device. This is done with the Midi Fighter Utility from DJ Techtools. Get the Midi Fighter Utility, open the LrControl.mfs file and send it to the device. You may need to update the firmware of the device as well (also with the Midi Fighter Utility).

Note that the critical part of the LrControl.mfs mapping file is the midi configuration, the messages the buttons and encoders send. If you want, you can customize the LED colors any way you like.

Configuring Push Encoder

The encoders can be pushed like a button. Assigning a new function can be a bit tricky, try not to turn the encoder while you push it. It can happen that LrControl detects the turning as well and then it will just bring up the dialog to configure what happened last, the push-down or the turn of the encoder.

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