Platform M+

The Platform M+ is a very good controller for controlling Lightroom and Premiere Pro. The encoders are relative, which means you always make adjustments relative to the parameter value in the application. The faders are motorised and synchronise automatically with Lightroom and Premiere Pro. But this only works when the power-supply is connected. Without the power-supply, everything works on the Platform M, except the faders do not move. This can be quite confusing, because it seems like the plug-in or the controller is broken. But in fact it just does not have power to move the faders.

The build quality is good, but the buttons are functional but not great. Similar to what you find on much cheaper controllers.

The Platform-M+ and the older Platform-M are almost the same and work the same way. It makes no difference which one you get.

Using the Platform M+

LrControl supports the Platform M+ with the Nuendo/MC-Mode DAW mode. This is the default, you change the DAW mode just after power-up using the Sel button 6, until the LED at channel 1 is on. See also the manual.

Better Encoder Caps

The Platform-M comes with small plastic caps on the encoders. These feel a bit rough and are not very comfortable to use. Fortunately, you can replace them with better ones. For example with Chroma Caps from DJ-TechTools. These are made from rubber, they are very nice and comfortable to use. And they come in many colors!

Replacing the caps is not very difficult, you can pull off the old ones. Take care to pull them straight up. Some require more force than others. And if you decide to replace the encoder caps, you are responsible for any damage that may occur. Be carefull!


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