X-Touch mini

The X-Touch mini is the most popular controller among LrControl customers. It works well with LrControl and PrControl, while it has a relatively low price. It's encoder type makes it much more suitable for controlling Lightroom en Premiere than other entry level controllers. The encoders can be set to match the parameter values in the application. So that means you can make fine adjustments. You don't get parameters jumping when you start rotating an encoder. Note that the single fader is not motorised, so it does cause parameters to jump when you touch it. So you might want to leave the fader unused.

A disadvantage of the X-Touch mini, is that using multiple controllers at the same time does not work very well. Updating this controller is slower and takes a few steps. That is why it cannot stay in sync with other controllers. So if you intend to use multiple controllers simultaneously, you should choose a different controller.

Prepare the X-TOUCH MINI for use.

This device only works with LrControl and PrControl if it is in regular mode. The "MC MODE" light should be off. To turn it off, unplug the USB cable. Then insert the cable again while pressing the lower left button.


This device has build-in layers A and B and on top of that LrControl has 7 layers. These layer combinations are numbered A1 to A7 and B1 to B7. So each control can have up to 14 functions.

One thing to bear in mind when switching device layers A/B is that the LrControl plug-in does not know you have switched the device layer untill you press another button or rotate a knob. So for example if you switch to layer B then change photo with the mouse, LrControl will update the controller, but it will switch to layer A. If LrControl knows what layer you have because you used a control, then it will keep the correct layer when updating the device.

There are two rows of buttons, the top row (B) and the bottom row (C). The encoders are numbered A1 to A8, the buttons B1 to B8 and C1 to C8. There is one Fader (D) and the device layers are switched using the buttons E.

Factory Reset

When you have bought a new device, you can just plug it in and LrControl should work. If you notice that you get unexpected results, you should try a factory reset. After a factory reset, the device should work again.

To do a factory reset follow the following steps:

  1. Unplug the device.
  2. Press and hold both LAYER buttons, A and B, on the right side of the device.
  3. Plug-in the device while still keeping down the two layer buttons.
  4. Keep holding down the buttons for a few seconds, the buttons will flash a few times.
  5. When only the layer A button is illuminated, the reset is complete. Release the buttons.


If you already own this controller, you can try it with PrControl and LrControl and see if it works well enough for you. If you are looking for a controller to get for LrControl and PrControl, you should consider choosing a different controller. The controller works well to send MIDI to the computer, but it does not process incoming MIDI properly.