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Currently this website is changing to a new design. This is done in small steps, a couple of pages at a time. So you may see two very different styles while browsing this site. If you want to check out the new design the first couple of new pages start here.

PrControl for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Control Surface

With this Premiere Pro plug-in, you can use a MIDI controller as a control surface. You can quickly switch between audio mixing and lumetri. And it is preconfigured for many controllers. View More

LrControl for Lightroom

Lightroom Control Surface

With this Lightroom plug-in you can use a MIDI controller as a control surface for Lightroom. View More

Flatten Pro & MultiFill for Photoshop

Essential tools for coloring comics

These Photoshop plug-in filters help to create flats for easy coloring. MultiFill fills the image with separate colors for each area. Then Flatten Pro expands the areas to maximum size, filling the entire image with color.View More

InstaView Slideshow for Mac

The instant slideshow that automatically updates

Starting a full-screen slideshow is as easy as picking a folder. Choose a folder of images to view, drop images or folders on the app or open a recently used folder. InstaView also plays movies and has many more useful features.View More

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