Mac OS X

Extract the plug-ins form their zip archive, if your browser has not done that already. You can just double-click the zip file.

Then find your Photoshop folder in the Applications folder on your computer. It is called something like "Adobe Photoshop CC 2019". Inside the Photoshop folder find the "Plug-ins" folder. Copy your plug-ins there.

Photoshop CS6 and newer

Plug-ins for Photoshop CS6 and newer including Photoshop CC 2019.


Installing the plug-ins

Extract the plug-ins from their archives. Then find your Photoshop on your computer. It is normally in a directory like C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CC 2019. And copy the plug-ins to the "Plug-ins" folder.

The plug-ins are in .zip archives, please extract them using the Windows Explorer. There is an option to extract the zip file when you right click on the file.

Photoshop CS6 and newer 64 bit

These plug-ins are compatible with all versions of Photoshop since CS6, including Photoshop CC 2019.

Photoshop CS6 and newer 32 bit

These plug-ins are compatible with Photoshop CC and newer versions of Photoshop.

Using an older version of Photoshop?

If you are using an older version of Photoshop, the download wizard can help you choose the right plug-ins for you. You answer a few questions and you will get a download-link to the plug-ins for you.