Button Functions

The list below shows all the functions that can be assigned to buttons in LrControl. For functions that require some explanation, see function details below.

Copying Develop Parameters

Changing Develop Parameters

Changing Lightroom View

  • Toggle Dim Lights
  • Next Screen Mode
  • Normal Screen Mode
  • Cycle Info Overlay
  • Next Light Mode
  • Toggle Full Screen Preview
  • Before/After Horizontal
  • Before/After Vertical
  • Before View
  • After View
  • Toggle Zoom
  • Zoom In Some
  • Zoom Out Some
  • Toggle All Panels
  • Toggle Side Panels
  • Switch to Develop
  • Toggle Develop
  • Go to Library Grid

Generic Functions


  • Export Previous
  • Edit in Photoshop
  • Edit in External Editor
  • Email
  • Export
  • Import Photos and Video
  • Create Virtual Copy
  • New Snapshot

Develop Functions

  • Show Clipping
  • Spot Removal
  • Toggle Black & White / Color
  • Guided Upright
  • Reset Crop
  • Crop As Shot
  • Constrain Aspect Ratio
  • Crop to Same Aspect Ratio
  • Rotate Crop Aspect
  • Auto Tone
  • Auto White Balance
  • Sync Settings...

LrControl Specific Functions


  • Adjustment Brush
  • Crop
  • Graduated Filter
  • Radial Filter
  • Select Gradient Tool
  • Select Crop Tool
  • Select Dust Tool
  • Select Gradient Tool
  • Select Spot Tool
  • Select Redeye Tool
  • Exit Tool Mode
  • White Balance
  • Target Adjustment Tone Curve
  • Target Adjustment Hue
  • Target Adjustment Saturation
  • Target Adjustment Luminance
  • Target Adjustment Black & White
  • Target Adjustment None

Catalog Functions

  • Remove from Collection
  • Add to Target Collection
  • Remove Photo from Selection
  • Deselect All Except Current
  • Extend Selection Left
  • Extend Selection Right
  • Set Rating 0
  • Set Rating 1
  • Set Rating 2
  • Set Rating 3
  • Set Rating 4
  • Set Rating 5
  • Toggle Pick
  • Toggle Reject
  • Clear Color Labels
  • Set Color Label None
  • Set Color Label Blue
  • Set Color Label Green
  • Set Color Label Purple
  • Set Color Label Red
  • Set Color Label Yellow
  • Toggle Blue Label
  • Toggle Green Label
  • Toggle Purple Label
  • Toggle Red Label
  • Toggle Yellow Label
  • Select First Photo
  • Select Inverse
  • Select Last Photo
  • Select None
  • Flag As Pick
  • Flag As Reject
  • Next Photo
  • Previous Photo
  • Decrease Rating
  • Increase Rating
  • Flag: Remove
  • Library Filter

Other Functions

  • Reset All Develop Adjustments
  • Reset Last Develop Parameter
  • Rotate Left
  • Rotate Right
  • Post Crop Vignette Style
  • Survey
  • Compare
  • Select All
  • Select Only Active Photo

Button Function Details

Copy/Paste All Develop Parameters

Copy stores almost all develop parameter values from the current photo into an LrControl specific memory and paste applies these parameter values. The parameters thus copied are limited to the parameters that can be accessed by the plug-in. That corresponds to the list of functions that can be changed with the controller, see below.

Adjust Develop Parameter

When you assign this function to a button, you choose a develop parameter and a fixed increment or decrement. When you press the button, this change is applied to the current photo.

Set Develop Parameter

When you assign this function to a button, you choose a develop parameter and a fixed value for this parameter. When you press the button the fixed value is applied to the current photo.

Toggle Tool Mode

When tool mode is enabled, tool mode activates automatically when you use a tool. With this function you can turn this behaviour on and off.

Sync Controller to Photo

This synchronizes the controller with the current photo. This normally happens automatically in LrControl 1.9 and newer, it is a function that was used a lot in older versions of LrControl.

Reset Last Develop Parameter

While you use LrControl, it remembers the last parameter you changed using the controller. When you use this function, this parameter is reset to its Lightroom default value. So if you want to reset a particular parameter, first change it then use this function.

Select Layer X

These buttons switch the active layer, changing the function of the faders, encoders and knobs. This also updates the controller to the corresponding values. On motorized controllers, the faders will move to new positions.

Set Rating 1

This sets the rating to 1 except when the rating is already 1, then it sets the rating to 0. This saves a separate button for rating 0. And if you have rating buttons for rating 1 to 5, the number of illuminated buttons matches the rating.

Toggle Pickup Mode

Only for controllers with unmotorized faders or knobs with begin-end stops, like the KORG nanoKONTROL and the AKAI MidiMix.

When you switch to a different photo, the controls often do not match the current value of the Lightroom parameters. Thus if you start moving them the parameter will immediately jump to the controller value.

When you enable Pickup Mode, the controller value will not be assigned to the Lightroom parameter, until the controller passes the value of the parameter. The controller then picks up the parameter and from then on the Lightroom parameter follows the controller.

Custom Keyboard Shortcut

Use any function not listed here that has a keyboard shortcut.

Library Filter

Apply a saved library filter or one of the predefined filters.

Controller Functions

The list below shows all the functions that can be assigned to controls like faders, encoders and knobs in LrControl. These functions directly correspond to the parameters in the develop module and these functions can only be used when the develop module is active.

  • Temperature
  • Temp. Fine Adjustment
  • Tint
  • Exposure
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Contrast
  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Clarity
  • Vibrance
  • Saturation
  • Straighten Angle
  • Parametric Darks
  • Parametric Lights
  • Parametric Shadows
  • Parametric Highlights
  • Parametric Shadow Split
  • Parametric Mid-tone Split
  • Parametric Highlight Split
  • Saturation Adjustment Red
  • Saturation Adjustment Orange
  • Saturation Adjustment Yellow
  • Saturation Adjustment Green
  • Saturation Adjustment Aqua
  • Saturation Adjustment Blue
  • Saturation Adjustment Purple
  • Saturation Adjustment Magenta
  • Hue Adjustment Red
  • Hue Adjustment Orange
  • Hue Adjustment Yellow
  • Hue Adjustment Green
  • Hue Adjustment Aqua
  • Hue Adjustment Blue
  • Hue Adjustment Purple
  • Hue Adjustment Magenta
  • Luminance Adjustment Red
  • Luminance Adjustment Orange
  • Luminance Adjustment Yellow
  • Luminance Adjustment Green
  • Luminance Adjustment Aqua
  • Luminance Adjustment Blue
  • Luminance Adjustment Purple
  • Luminance Adjustment Magenta
  • Gray Mixer Red
  • Gray Mixer Orange
  • Gray Mixer Yellow
  • Gray Mixer Green
  • Gray Mixer Aqua
  • Gray Mixer Blue
  • Gray Mixer Purple
  • Gray Mixer Magenta
  • Split Toning Shadow Hue
  • Split Toning Shadow Saturation
  • Split Toning Highlight Hue
  • Split Toning Highlight Saturation
  • Split Toning Balance
  • Sharpness
  • Sharpen Radius
  • Sharpen Detail
  • Sharpen Edge Masking
  • Luminance Smoothing
  • Luminance Noise Reduction Detail
  • Luminance Noise Reduction Contrast
  • Color Noise Reduction
  • Color Noise Reduction Detail
  • Color Noise Reduction Smoothness
  • Dehaze
  • Post Crop Vignette Amount
  • Post Crop Vignette Midpoint
  • Post Crop Vignette Feather
  • Post Crop Vignette Roundness
  • Post Crop Vignette Style
  • Post Crop Vignette Highlight Contrast
  • Grain Amount
  • Grain Size
  • Grain Frequency
  • Lens Profile Distortion Scale
  • Lens Profile Chromatic Aberration Scale
  • Lens Profile Vignetting Scale
  • Distortion
  • Defringe Purple Amount
  • Defringe Purple Hue Low
  • Defringe Purple Hue High
  • Defringe Green Amount
  • Defringe Green Hue Low
  • Defringe Green Hue High
  • Vertical Perspective
  • Horizontal Perspective
  • Perspective Rotate
  • Scale
  • X Offset
  • Y Offset
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Perspective Upright
  • Shadow Tint
  • Red Hue
  • Red Saturation
  • Green Hue
  • Green Saturation
  • Blue Hue
  • Blue Saturation
  • Vignette Amount
  • Vignette Midpoint

Controller Function Details

Temp. Fine Adjustment

The color temperature adjustment has a very large range of values, this makes the adjustment steps quite large as well. The fine adjustment solves this problem, you can make adjustments in steps of 50 degrees. First use the normal temperature adjustment then use this fine adjustment. The fine adjustment is relative to the previous temperature value.