License LrControl 5 for Lightroom Classic

LrControl, the Lightroom Classic Plug-in

To use LrControl, you need a license code. License codes are valid for both Mac and Windows.

The listed prices are for the LrControl Lightroom Classic plug-in software only. You need to buy a controller separately.

LrControl 5
for Mac & Windows
Control Bundle
LrControl & PrControl
The shopping process is handled by, when you click the Buy button, a popover screen from Paddle will appear.

Control Bundle

This is a bundle of LrControl and PrControl. You will receive 3 license codes, LrControl, PrControl for Mac and PrControl for Windows.

LrControl Compatible Controllers

To use LrControl, you need a compatible controller.

Free Upgrades Included

When you purchase a license, you will get free upgrades for at least one full year, usually more.