LrControl Lightroom Plug-in

To use LrControl, you need to buy a license code. LrControl is available for Mac OS X and Windows. Choose the operating system you use most often when buying. If you use both Mac and Windows, or if you want to switch platform, you can request an additional license code free of charge.

After you bought a license code, you will receive it by email on your PayPal email address. This usually takes only a couple of minutes. Please contact support if it takes longer than 30 minutes. The listed prices are for the LrControl Lightroom plug-in software only. You need to buy a controller separately.

LrControl Mac


LrControl Windows


Price includes the Netherlands VAT rate of 21% for EU customers, the price excluding VAT is €41.31.

LrControl Compatible Controllers

To use LrControl, you need a compatible controller. Here you find links to online retailers selling controllers.