Download LrControl 4.0

LrControl 4.0 has significant changes in the processing of MIDI messages. If you encounter any problems, please contact support.

Install LrControl

Before installation, quit Lightroom. After installation, Lightroom should load LrControl automatically. But sometimes it does not. To load the plug-in, open the plug-in manager from the file menu and click the Add button.

Mac Install Location

On the Mac the plug-in is installed for all users. Find the plug-in starting from the root folder of the system disk.

/Library/Application Support/­Adobe/Lightroom/­Modules/lrcontrol.lrplugin

Windows Install Location

Please use the default install location in the installer. Otherwise Lightroom will not load the plug-in automatically.

The plug-in is installed for the current user only.


Note that the AppData folder is a hidden folder.

Loading LrControl

These videos show how to load the plug-in form the plug-in manager.



Starting LrControl

Connect the controller before starting Lightroom. Once the plug-in is loaded, it will start receiving inputs from the controller automatically.

You can find the menu items for LrControl in the Lightroom Help Menu, under the Plug-in Extras submenu.

Control Functions Reference

LrControl can generate a printable web-page with all the control functions, including any changes you made. This page opens in your default browser and can be generated and viewed off-line.