Install LrControl

Before installation, quit Lightroom. After installation, Lightroom should load LrControl automatically. But sometimes it does not. To load the plug-in, open the plug-in manager from the file menu and click the Add button.

Mac Install Location

On the Mac the plug-in is installed for all users. Find the plug-in starting from the root folder of the system disk.

/Library/Application Support/­Adobe/Lightroom/­Modules/lrcontrol.lrplugin

Windows Install Location

Please use the default install location in the installer. Otherwise Lightroom will not load the plug-in automatically.

The plug-in is installed for the current user only.


Note that the AppData folder is a hidden folder.

Loading LrControl

These videos show how to load the plug-in form the plug-in manager.



Starting LrControl

Connect the controller before starting Lightroom. Once the plug-in is loaded, it will start receiving inputs from the controller automatically.

You can find the menu items for LrControl in the Lightroom Help Menu, under the Plug-in Extras submenu.

Control Functions Reference

LrControl can generate a printable web-page with all the control functions, including any changes you made. This page opens in your default browser and can be generated and viewed off-line.