What's new in LrControl


LrControl 5.6 Windows

Windows Installer

The Windows Installer is now code-signed again.

LrControl 5.6

Added new Lightroom functions

Lightroom has some new functions that can now also be controlled with LrControl. For example preset amount and profile amount.

Improved Relative Encoders

LrControl now has a build in table with step-sizes for relative encoders. This is affects exposure, temperature, straighten angle, sharpen radius, and perspective parameters.

Windows Installer

The certificate to sign the windows installer has expired. A new one is on it's way. A new signed installer will be available as soon as possible. Current expectation is by November 25th 2023. You can try the unsigned installer, but this will give you warnings.


LrControl 5.5.3

Installer Bugfix

The MIDI receiver background application was not installed properly.

LrControl 5.5.2

Fixed Tool-mode for Lightroom Classic 11

Tool-mode was not working in Lightroom Classic 11. With this update you can use tool-mode again.

LrControl 5.5.1

Select MIDI output port.

If you connect your controller with a MIDI interface, you can select the output port for each MIDI input. To select the output, go to the setup dialog and click the Select button in the MIDI Output column. If you select the wrong output, the controller will not receive any messages from LrControl. And keep in mind that you must connect the output to the input of the controller.

Bugfix custom keyboard shortcuts on macOS

The keyboard events were ignored by macOS. Now the background program to receive MIDI and send the shortcuts is now an application instead of a simple demon process. And now it can send keyboard shortcuts again.

Bugfix setting MIDI echo option

There was a bug saving the changed echo state.

LrControl 5.4.2

Bugfix custom keyboard shortcuts.

When creating a keyboard shortcut without giving it a name, the keyboard shortcut would not be created. Now, the shortcut will get the default name "Custom Shortcut".

LrControl 5.4.1

Cropping Functions Reset

The cropping functions can now be reset. The crop size all reset to the full image. The crop X and Y position functions reset the crop position to the middle of the image.

Develop Button Functions Reset

The button functions for setting and adjusting develop parameters now work with reset last develop parameter.

LrControl 5.4.0

New cropping functions

You can now crop using the controller. It also works when the crop tool is not selected. The Crop Size functions maintain the aspect-ratio.

Crop Right
Adjust Right Edge
Crop Left
Adjust Left Edge
Crop Bottom
Adjust Bottom Edge
Crop Top
Adjust Top Edge
Crop Size
Adjust crop in all directions and keep aspect ratio.
Crop Size Top Left
Adjust crop in the top left direction and keep aspect ratio.
Crop Size Top Right
Adjust crop in the top right direction and keep aspect ratio.
Crop Size Bottom Left
Adjust crop in the bottom left direction and keep aspect ratio.
Crop Size Bottom Right
Adjust crop in the bottom left direction and keep aspect ratio.
Crop X
Adjust crop horizontal position.
Crop Y
Adjust crop vertical position.

LrControl 5.3.2

Improved MIDI-CC message detection

For MIDI controllers that LrControl does not recognize and that send CC messages, the type of message must be detected. This did not work properly for buttons. That is now fixed.

Mac: Universal MIDI Receiver

The MIDI receiving background process can run natively on Apple Silicon processors. When Lightroom Classic starts supporting Apple Silicon, LrControl is ready for it. Note that the Intel version of Lightroom only uses LrControl in Intel mode.


LrControl 5.3.1

Browse Presets

There are some new functions for applying presets. There is a new "Next Develop Preset" function and a "Previous Develop Preset" function. These functions always start at the first preset in your collection. There is also a new function that can be assigned to relative encoders "Change Develop Preset". With this function you can rotate the encoder to browse your presets.

Improved Presets Feedback

When you apply a preset, now both the category and the name of the preset are displayed.

LrControl 5.3

Color Grading

Adobe has added the Color Grading panel in Lightroom Classic 10. And now you can control the color grading parameters with LrControl.

LrControl 5.2

Arturia Beatstep

The Artura Beatstep controller is now fully supported. This controller is excellent value for money. Well build, compact and it now works very well with LrControl. It does not to be configured.

Improved Control Detection

For controllers that are not pre-configured in LrControl, detecting the control type is improved. Now the type of control is detected and stored permanently when you assign a function to the control. In older versions, the control type was not fixed and could unexpectedly change.

Find MIDI Devices

MIDI devices are normally automatically detected when plugged in, but in case this does not work, there is now a menu option to find MIDI devices in the Help menu.

Various Bug Fixes

Various bugs were fixed.

LrControl 5.1

New function: Reset Control

This function lets you reset the currently active function of a control. So if you switch layers, this reset function still works as you would expect. You can find this new function in the Develop section for buttons.

Tool mode hue added

The latest version of Lightroom Classic has a new local tool option: Hue. You can now control this with LrControl 5.1

Tool Mode bug-fix

You can now assign tool mode functions to relative encoders again.

Feedback Performance

Using the new feedback and reference panels is now much smoother. The feedback UI is updated in the background, so it does not interfere with updating the image.

Reference Panel Tool Mode

The reference panel now also shows tool mode functions.

Reference and Feedback Panels Restored

When launching Lightroom, the feedback and reference panel will open automatically if you had them open the last time you quit Lightroom.

Midi Fighter Twister

The Midi Fight Twister sends far more midi messages than other controllers, this can cause Lightroom to fall behind with updating the image. Now, the MFT messages are limited to 20 per second. This results in a much better experience using the Midi Fighter Twister.

LrControl 5.0

LrControl 5 is a paid upgrade

If you have a license for LrControl 1 to 4, you can get a discount coupon or a free license. Send an email and include your current license code. Discounts are 30% for licenses bought before May 1, 2019. If you bought since then, you get a new license. If you are subscribed to Peltmade news, you get a coupon on May 30 2020.

Reference Panel

LrControl now has a panel you can open that shows the currently active functions of your controller.

Feedback Panel

LrControl can now show a small panel showing just the last used parameter and the value send to Lightroom. The displayed value updates live while you edit.

LrControl 4.0.3


Fixed a problem with detecting relative encoders.

Fixed a problem with switching protocol.

LrControl 4.0.2


Fixed a problem with switching protocols.

LrControl 4.0.1


Buttons did not work properly on the nanoKontrol2, BCF2000, BCR2000, and Launchpad mini.

LrControl 4.0.0

New Control Detection

For generic controllers, LrControl needs to detect the MIDI messages the controller sends.

MIDI CC messages come in many different varieties. PrControl now supports more and has improved detection of the CC message type. For relative encoders, it may take a while to detect the type. Keep turning the encoder left and right until it behaves properly. LrControl remembers the control type.

MIDI Fighter Relative Encoders

For the MIDI Fighter Twister from DJ-Tech tools, you can now also use the controller with relative encoders. Use the controller editor from DJ-Tech tools to change the encoder messages, LrControl will automatically detect it if you turn the encoder left and right a few times.

Show Reference

You can now open the reference with a controller button.

Toggle Layer Buttons

This is a new option in the setup dialog, when enabled layer buttons behave as toggles, so you can switch to a layer and back with the same button.


LrControl 3.4.4

Toggle Step Size

On some controllers, like the Platform-M(+), X-Touch and X-Touch extender, MCU Pro and extender, the rotary knobs change parameters with a step-size of 5.

With the new Toggle Step-Size function you now set this to 1. You can assign this new function to a button and you can find it in the Develop category.

This new function does not work with sliders.

LrControl 3.4.3

Bugs fixed

Bugs fixed in dialogs to select functions. On Windows the first click in the dialog was ignored. On the Mac the category of the currently assigned function was not shown.

LrControl 3.4.2

Bug fixed

Added missing html template for X-Touch extender.

LrControl 3.4.1

Bug fixed

On some controllers it was not possible to assign a tool mode function to a control that was not used for tool-mode yet.

LrControl 3.4.0 new Mac installer.

New Installer for macOS Catalina

macOS Catalina requires installers to be notarized, they have to be checked by Apple. The new installer is notarized, the software inside is the same as before.

LrControl 3.4.0

Improved Shortcuts

You can now use the space bar in custom shortcuts.

LrControl 3.3.4

Bug Fix

When using "select layer 1 on photo change", the controller was not properly updated.

LrControl 3.3.3 Mac

Bug Fix Mac only

LrControl now sends commands that use keyboard-shortcuts only to the front application.

LrControl 3.3.2

Bug Fix

There was a problem connecting to BCF2000 and BCR2000 devices.

Installer for Windows

Bug fixed in Windows installer.

LrControl 3.3.0

Bug Fixes

Numerous bugs fixed. Texture is now available for all types of encoders. And several problems with using unsupported controllers have been fixed.

New Installer for Windows

The installer is made with different tools. Please contact support if you notice any problems with it.

LrControl 3.2.0


Support for the new Texture parameter added.

LrControl 3.1.1

Updated Translations

Updated German, Dutch, French and Spanish translations.

LrControl 3.1.0

New Function: Turn off LEDs

Some controllers have very bright LEDs. You can turn these off with a new option in the setup dialog.

New Function: Start Customize with a button

To make customizing your setup a little bit easier and quicker, you can assign the Customize Controller function to a controller button. You can find this function in the General section.

LrControl 3.0.7

Fixed button LEDs for generic controllers.

LrControl 3.0.5

Fixed tool-mode for controllers using MC mode, like MCU-Pro, X-Touch and extenders.

LrControl 3.0.4

Bug-fix for Windows, the plug-in did not work properly for user accounts with spaces in the home folder name.

LrControl 3.0.3

Platform M: support for display upgrade.


LrControl 3.0.2

Windows installer fixed.

LrControl 3.0.1

Automatic Update Check

LrControl now regularly checks for updates.

Windows 10 Improvements

Improved support for Windows 10.

Various Fixes

Various improvements and bug-fixes for problems found in 3.0.0

LrControl 3.0.0

New Controllers

Mackie MCU PRO, Mackie MCU Extender PRO, Behringer X-Touch and Behringer X-Touch Extender

MC Mode

The new controllers all use the MC protocol, other controllers that have MC mode can also be used with LrControl 3.0 and newer.

Controller Displays Support

The new controllers all have build-in displays. These display the current function of the encoders and faders. X-Touch and MCU-Pro also have a timing display, this shows the exposure data of the current photo, aperture, shutter-speed and iso-value.

LrControl 2.3.6

Bug fixes and improvements

This version includes a bug-fix for importing configuration data and improved support for generic controllers.

LrControl 2.3.5

Fixed Apply Develop Preset function

This function was broken in since 2.3. But now it also shows the name of the preset in the feedback message and the generated reference page.

LrControl 2.3.4


The translations for the 2.3 new features are now translated into German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish.

Fixed syncing after changing a photo

The controller was not always synchronized after changing the current photo, if the controller was used to go to the new photo.

Ctrl-key for shortcuts on Mac

Some keyboard shortcuts on the Mac use the Ctrl-key. You can now select this key on the Mac when defining a shortcut. You can now use the Control, Command, Shift and Option modifiers in shortcuts on the Mac. No change on Windows, you can still use Control, Shift and Alt.

LrControl 2.3

Bezel Feedback Improved

When using multiple controls, the feedback is now limited to improve performance.

Functions Grouped

Configurable functions are now grouped into categories, instead of using one very long list of functions.

BCF2000 noise fix

The BCF2000 fader motors now only activate when the faders are moved.

Custom Shortcuts

Custom keyboard shortcuts can now be configured for any controller button.

Library Filters

Selecting a custom library filter can be configured for controller buttons.


LrControl 2.2.3 and 2.2.4

2.2.3 adds a missing file on Windows and 2.2.4 fixes keyboard shortcuts for Lightroom Classic CC on Mac.

LrControl 2.2.2

Bug in translations fixed

Only affects German and Swedish

Lightroom Classic CC

Note that currently LrControl only works with Lightroom Classic CC if the interface language is set to English, German or Swedish. Adobe has been notified about the problem, it will probably take a while before the problem is fixed.

LrControl 2.2.1

Improved generic MIDI controller support

In 2.2 it is now a lot easier to use any MIDI controller.

Improved export and import

You can now choose the controller to export its configuration. And on import you can pick the controller to import to, if the import is from a generic controller.

LrControl 2.1.7

Updated Translations

Some translations were missing.

Minor Improvements

Fixed an issue with pickup-mode, fixed too small edit fields for layer names.

LrControl 2.1.6

Dutch Translation

Added by me, the author of the plug-in, Boudewijn Pelt.

Updated Spanish Translation

Thanks again Alan Sarco

New Functions Added

Some new functions were added. Edit in External Editor, Normal Screen Mode, Select Only Active Photo, Select All, Target Adjustment None.

LrControl 2.1.5

Spanish Translation

Many thanks to Alan Sarco for the Spanish Translation. There are also some bug fixes and other minor improvements.

LrControl 2.1.3

Launch problems Windows Creator Edition fixed

On the latest Windows version some users reported getting an error message during startup. With version 2.1.3 this error message should not appear anymore.

LrControl 2.1.1

Minor Improvements

Fixed in issue with pickup-mode and fixed an error message that could appear when there was no active photo. On the Mac LrControl now also works when the Apple IAC bus is active.

French localization

Many thanks to Tonee Gee for the French translation.

LrControl 2.1.0

Option to set layer 1 when changing photo

This can be a small workflow improvement if you always start with layer 1 for a new photo.

Improved Disable/Enable

Disabling/Enabling should work properly now, no need to restart Lightroom anymore.

German and Swedish localization

Many thanks to Anton Rapf for the German translation and Mattias Karlsson Sjöberg for the Swedish translation. There are still a few translations missing and if you have any improvements or additional translations, please send an email.

Improved Customization

When selecting a control to customize, the currently associated function is not executed, but the feedback message showing the function is still shown. This makes it easier to customize and makes it possible to assign a new function to a button that currently triggers the escape key.

LrControl 2.0.3

New Functions

This update adds the functions Offset-X and Offset-Y.

LrControl 2.0.2

This update fixes problems found in 2.0

Fixed Button Functions

Some functions are based on keyboard shortcuts. And some of these did not work when Lightroom was using a language other than English. The functions "Auto Tone", "Rotate Left", "Rotate Right" and "Virtual Copy" did not work in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. In French, a few more functions did not work, these are also fixed.

LrControl 2.0

Icon Platform-M

The Platform-M was delayed for a very long time, but it is now available. And it does not disappoint! It is a solid controller with high resolution faders.

Customize Layer Panel

When you select a layer, an associated panel is revealed. you can now change which panel is revealed.

More Layers

Many controllers got some extra layers. You don't have to use them but if you need more space for customization, LrControl 2.0 has it.

Customize Tool Mode

Tool Mode was fixed up to now, but from 2.0 you can customize it.

Tool Mode Switch

If you like to keep using the controller for global changes while using the mouse for local changes in tool mode, you can now switch off tool mode for LrControl. And you can also bind this function to a controller button, so you can toggle tool-mode when you need it.

Extra Layers

Many devices have some extra layers.

New Functions

VignetteAmount, VignetteMidpoint

Signed Installer on Windows

The Windows installer is now digitally singed. The Mac OS Installer was already signed. A signed installer shows you the installer was not modified after it was build and identifies the company that produced it.

LrControl 1.9.6

This update fixes some problems found in 1.9.x


LrControl 1.9

Auto Sync

LrControl now also automatically syncs the controller whenever you change a parameter in Lightroom without using the controller. For example if you drag a slider, apply a preset, go back in the history, etc.

Button Lights

The lighting of buttons is now in line with the function of the button, even if you change the function of the button. Also many more functions use the button lights, currently more than 40. In principle all functions that toggle something show the toggle-state using the button lights, if the current state can be determined. For some functions LrControl cannot determine if the light should be on or off, in that case the light remains off.

LrControl 1.8

Various small improvements and bug-fixes.

Behringer X-Touch Compact Support

LrControl 1.7.3

This update removes the error message "No Supported Controller Found" that should not be there when a BCF2000 or BCR2000 is connected. The error message was wrong and the controller would work.

LrControl 1.7.2

Auto Sync

LrControl now detects when the current photo has changed. And automatically syncs your controller when there is a different photo. Tool-Mode is also automatically detected when you select a local adjustment tool.

Behringer BCR2000 Support

Very good value controller. You get 32 encoders for an affordable price.

DJ TechTools Midi Fighter Twister support

A very compact and sturdy controller. And it is very colorful. Each knob can be illuminated with a color. When mixing colors, the knobs have the appropriate color.

Novation Launchpad Mini support

If you like buttons, get this one! It has 80 buttons. Use it to add more buttons to your LrControl setup, or use it as your main controller. You can develop photos with buttons to increase or decrease develop parameters.

Develop Photos with Buttons

Some new functions to adjust develop parameters with buttons. These functions were developed for the Launchpad Mini, which only has buttons. But the functions are available as a configurable option for all controllers

The new functions are "Set Develop Parameter" and "Adjust Develop Parameter". The "Set Develop Parameter" function lets you set any parameter to a fixed value with the press of a button. The "Adjust Develop Parameter" lets you increase or decrease a develop parameter by a value you choose. You can also use the default Lightroom change, which basically tells Lightroom to increase or decrease that parameter, so you get the same result as when you use the + and - keys.

Change Layer Names

When you have customized your control functions, the layer names may not be a good fit anymore. Now you can change the layer names. The layer name is displayed briefly when you change layers.

List of Functions Sorted

As the list of functions is now quite long, it can be hard to find what you want. Now the list of functions is alphabetically sorted. Some functions have been renamed slightly, so functions that are related still appear together.

More new functions

Some more keyboard-shortcut based functions were added. Show Clipping, Import Photos and Video, Export, Email, Copy Develop Settings, Paste Develop Settings Cycle Info Overlay, Add to Target Collection and Sync Settings...

Note that there are now two copy/paste functions that do not mix. The existing copy and paste functions are now named "Copy all develop parameters" and "Paste all develop parameters". The first one stores all parameter values inside the LrControl plug-in memory, the second pastes them. The "Copy Develop Settings" and "Paste Develop Settings" use the Lightroom build-in copy paste function. So these two pairs of functions operate independently.

LrControl 1.6.1

This update fixes a problem with the Mac version of LrControl, it was sending a "Decrease Rating" command to Lightroom during startup.

There is also one new function (for Mac and Windows), "Edit in Photoshop" that you can bind to a button.

LrControl 1.6

Generate Controller Reference

After you have made some customizations, you can now view what function you assigned to each control. In 1.6 you can generate a reference page from the LrControl menu in Lightroom. Choose Help->Plug-in Extras->(LrControl) View Controller Functions. This will generate a web page for all controllers and opens these in your default web-browser. Note that the generated pages are saved on your computer and can be viewed without an internet connection. These pages can also be printed.

Over 25 New Functions

LrControl now has over 200 functions. The new functions in 1.6 use keyboard shortcuts to activate functions in Lightroom. If I missed an important shortcut, please let me know. Note that for these functions to work, Lightroom must be the foreground application.

Keyboard Shortcut Functions:

Paste Settings from Previous, Create Virtual Copy, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Remove from Collection, Copy After Settings To Before, Copy Before Settings To After, Swap Before And After Settings, Next Screen Mode, Toggle Side Panels, Toggle All Panels, Next Light Mode, Toggle Dim Lights, Toggle Full Screen Preview, Return Key, Escape Key, Crop, Spot Removal, Graduated Filter, Radial Filter, Adjustment Brush, Guided Upright, White Balance, Auto White Balance, Auto Tone, Export Previous, New Snapshot

Use more buttons on the iCON iControls Pro

This device can now be configured to use the top row of "Sel" buttons. For more details see the controller page: iCON iControls Pro.

LrControl 1.5.1

This update removes the communications changes that were introduced in 1.5. These changes caused more problems than they solved.

LrControl 1.5

New Functions

There are a couple of new functions. You can program these functions on any button you like using the customize function.

Go to Library Grid

Does the same thing as pressing G on the keyboard. Goes to Library mode and shows the grid.


Enter survey mode or go back to develop loupe when in survey mode.


Enter compare mode or go back to develop loupe when in compare mode.

Apply Develop Preset

Applies a develop preset to the current photo. When assigning this function to a button you will get a dialog where you select the preset. Only build-in and user presets are currently supported. This selected preset is then applied when you press the button on the controller. You can assign as many develop presets as you have buttons available on your controller.

Improved Communications

The flow of information from your controller to LrControl is now improved. When the controller sends more data that can be processed, LRControl will skip some messages instead of falling behind more and more.

LrControl now monitors the communication speed regularly. If it seems the connection between controller and LrControl has stalled, the connection is reset. Some customers reported experiencing this happening often on Windows 7.

Support for other Midi Devices

If you already own a midi device and it's not one of the controllers supported directly in LrControl, you can now get it working with LrControl. But it does require an editor program for your device to configure it.

Customize Layer Buttons

You can now also change the function of buttons used for layer switching. There are also new "Next Layer" and "Previous Layer" functions that you can assign to buttons, so you can free up to 6 buttons for other tasks.

LrControl 1.4.2


You can now customize LrControl. To do so, open the LrControl setup window. You can find it in the menu: Help->Plug-in Extras->Controller Setup.

There you can find Customize, Export, Import and Reset buttons. to start customizing first decide which control you want to change, press the customize button. then you move the control and then you can pick a new function for it.

New Functions

There are a about twenty new functions.

Copy and Paste

Copy stores all develop parameters and Paste writes them over your current photo. It works independently from the Lightroom build-in Copy and Paste function. So you don't get a dialog to select parameters and you have a separate copy. In other words, what you copy with LrControl's copy function can only be pasted using LrControl's paste function.

Reset Last Develop Parameter

This resets the last changed parameter to the default value. So if you want to reset a particular parameter, first change it using the controller, then do the "Reset Last Develop Parameter".


There are a couple of new functions for changing the selection.

Color Labels

You can now set color labels using LrControl.

LrControl 1.3.1

Demo Time Mac

1.3.1 fixes 1 minute demo time on macOS, it is now 10 minutes like it should be.

Feedback Message

Showing a feedback message is now on by default. Note that if you have used 1.3, the feedback message setting will remain what it was. So you probably have to turn it on if you want to try it.

LrControl 1.3

The 1.3 brings LrControl to a new level with a lot of improvements and new features.

Local Correction Tools

When you use one of the tools in Lightroom, like the adjustment brush or the radial and graduated filters, LrControl lets you control the tool with your midi controller.

Lens Corrections

The manual perspective correction tools can now be controlled as well.

Visual Parameter Feedback

New option to show a brief message naming the parameter you just changed. This can be useful if you have the panels hidden.

Keep panels hidden

If you do not need to see controls moving in the Lightroom panels, you can switch off revealing them now. You can keep the panels hidden so you have more room for your photo.

LrControl 1.2

Temperature Fine Adjustment

There is a new function for making small adjustments to the color temperature.

Added Missing Parameters

For the BCF2000, the color noise parameters were missing.

LrControl 1.1

New controllers supported

Version 1.1 adds support for two new devices from Behringer, the BCF2000 and the X-TOUCH MINI.

New Functions

A couple of new functions were added. You can now select a before/after view in horizontal or vertical mode.