PrControl 1.3.0

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem while shutting down the plug-in.

New Function

You can now generate the controller reference with a button on the controller itself. So you no longer have to open the setup dialog to view the functions.

New Trial Mode

The trial mode has changed. There is no longer a time limit each session. In trial mode, not all PrControl functions are available. Trial mode has a few basic lumetri parameters and a few Premiere Pro commands. Transport and audio functions all work in trial mode.

PrControl 1.2.0

Bug Fixes

Fixed some problems generating controller reference pages.

New Mute Function

While configuring the controller, you can turn on the new mute function, This will temporarily stop PrControl from performing controller functions.

Reset to defaults

You can now reset the controller configuration to default from the controller options dialog.


The PrControl version is now shown in the setup dialog.

PrControl 1.1.5

Bug Fix

Fixed a problem with the X-Touch mini. Unneeded controller updates made the LEDs flicker and could even cause unwanted changes.

This update also improves performance on other controllers.

PrControl 1.1.4

Improved Controller Sync

When moving sliders quickly up and down, or turning the jog wheel very fast, the controller could not keep up and get behind. You could see the sliders dancing up and down for a while or the time-display counting on to get to the current time. Now the rate of updates send to the controller is limited. And so it stays in sync much better than before.

PrControl 1.1.3

Bug fixes

Various bugs-fixed and other small improvements.

Update checker

PrControl now checks for updates once every week.

Layer Saved

PrControl saves the selected layer and starts up with the last used layer.

PrControl 1.1.2

mac OS Catalina

New mac-only installer that works on Catalina

PrControl 1.1.1

UI improvements

Removed misleading cancel buttons. Some cancel buttons did not really cancel anything.

Lumetri Options improvement

Use the existing values for lumetri options if available.

PrControl 1.1.0

Lumetri Options

Set range and step for lumetri parameters.

PrControl 1.0.0

Initial Release

After about two years of development, the 1.0 was released.