Whats new in PrControl

A list of released versions and what was new in each release.


PrControl 1.9.6


For generic controllers, the MIDI message settings were not saved.


PrControl 1.9.5


Controller specific settings are saved using the name of the controller. This caused saving to fail when the controller name has characters not allowed in filenames.

PrControl 1.9.4

Select MIDI output port

If you connect your controller with a MIDI interface, you can select the output port for each MIDI input. To select the output, go to the controller options dialog, use the popup menu to select the output. The option is not available for the recommended controllers when connected with USB. If you select the wrong output, the controller will not receive any messages from LrControl. And keep in mind that you must connect the output to the input of the controller.

Mac: Fixed a crashing Message Options dialog

On the Mac opening this dialog resulted in a crash.

Windows: Fixed problems with non ASCII characters in the home folder name

Support for unicode in file-paths was broken on Windows. For example a username with an accent.The result was that PrControl could not save any settings, including saving the license code.

PrControl 1.9.0

Component Control

In Premiere Pro, you can add components to audio tracks. For example an insert like a graphic equalizer. You now have full control over the parameters of your insert effects.

You enable component control mode with the "Channel Components" function. Then SELECT the track you want to work on, then use the first encoder to select the component and the rest of the encoders to set the parameters. If there are more than 7 parameters, you can use the FADER BANKS buttons to access the other parameters. The next fader bank will control parameters 8 to 15. If you have an multiple controllers like an extender, you can control up to 8 parameters on each controller simultaneously.

The encoders must have the new Encoder Channel functions assigned to them. This function will work like the PAN function when the components are not enabled. The default configurations for the X-Touch and MCU-PRO are ready to use Component Control.

Value Feedback on Controller Display

If you have a MCU-Pro, X-Touch or compatible controller, you now get live feedback on the controller display. As you move a fader or rotate an encoder, you see the new value on the controller display. the displayed value continuously updates while you move the control.

15dB Audio Volume

The maximum for track volume was 10dB, but there is now a new toggle function you can assign to a button, "FaderMax 15dB", when this is enabled the range of the faders is extended.

The 10db mode is still useful, because the scale on the X-Touch and MCU-PRO matches the actual values in Premiere Pro.

PrControl 1.8.8

Audio Scrubbing

Added Scrub function that does not depend on a Scrub Toggle, so if you assign Scrub to a jog-wheel, the wheel scrubs with audio if "Play Audio while Scrubbing" is on.

Improved Reference Panel

The font-size is now relative to the width of the panel. The panel displays track names.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an error in the default mapping for the Arturia Beatstep.

Fixed feedback when adjusting pan.

Fixed feedback when changing layer.

PrControl 1.8.7

Audio Scrubbing

It is now possible to get sound while scrubbing using the jog wheel.

This works with a new button function called "Scrub Toggle". First make sure "Play audio while scrubbing" is turned on in the Premiere Pro Audio Preferences. Then assign "Scrub Toggle" to a button on the controller in the PrControl setup.

If you have a controller using Mackie Mode, like the X-Touch, MCU Pro etc. The Scrub Toggle function is tied to the SCRUB button on the controller in the default mapping. Go to the PrControl Setup, Options and "Reset to Defaults" to get the default mapping.

PrControl 1.8.6

Bug fixed

Several buttons in the setup dialog could cause a crash when there was no controller found.

PrControl 1.8.5

MC Mode Display

Fixed display update problem. The displays on controllers would not always update properly.

Shutdown Cleanup

When the plug-in shuts down, it now turns of LEDs and clears displays on the connected controllers.

Improved Stability

More bugs fixed.

PrControl 1.8.4

Clip Mixer Faders

In the clip mixer the faders now update properly when you jump to a different timecode.

MCU Pro and X-Touch mapping improved

Added some more functions in the default mapping for MC controllers, like the X-Touch and MCU Pro.

PrControl 1.8.3

Mixer Automation

You can now set automation mode for tracks or groups of tracks from the controller. Select tracks then use automation button functions to set read, write, touch or latch.

Track Names

Track names are now displayed on MC controllers with displays, like the X-Touch and MCU Pro.

PrControl 1.8.2

Encoder Step-size Fixed

Something went wrong saving the range and step-size for lumetri parameters.

Lumetri Step Count

The way to set the accuracy of relative encoders when setting lumetri parameters has changed. You now set the number of encoder steps from minimum value to maximum value. PrControl then uses this to calculate the appropriate step size.

MC mode mapping

The default mapping for MC Mode controllers like the X-Touch and MCU-Pro now has all available lumetri parameters mapped in layers 2 to 6 ( but not all lumetri parameters are available to control surfaces). To get this mapping, reset the controller to default mappings after the upgrade to 1.8.2.

Bugs Fixed

Some more bugs were fixed.

PrControl 1.8.1

Various small improvements and bug-fixes.

The level meters on the X-Touch are now aware of the selected fader bank. Disabled devices are shown in gray text in the setup dialog. The current layer is shown on the display of the X-Touch and MCU-Pro.

PrControl 1.8.0

Access All Audio Channels

PrControl can now control all the audio channels you have in your project. To access more channels you can now switch between fader banks. And PrControl automatically adjusts the amount of fader banks so you can access all your audio channels.

Keyboard Shortcuts

PrControl can now send keyboard shortcuts to Premiere Pro using buttons on the MIDI controller.

PrControl 1.7.0

Copy Controller Functions

If you want to have certain functions in multiple layers, you can now copy those from one layer to another. You can either copy an entire layer, or just the controls you select.

MIDI CC Message Detection in generic controller mode

CC type detection is improved. The detected type is shown in the list of received MIDI messages and updates automatically when the result changes. CC Buttons are now detected after a single press of the button.


PrControl 1.6.5

New License Paste Button

To make it easier to enter your license code, the license dialog now has a paste button. This button will search the clipboard/pasteboard for an email address and license code and copies them to the fields in the dialog. So now you can easily copy a license from an email message.

The new paste button is also a workaround for a problem on the Mac, where the entire menu is disabled while the plug-in dialogs are active.

MIDI CC Message Options for generic controllers

If you use a MIDI controller that PrControl does not know, PrControl must detect how MIDI messages should be interpreted. But this does not always work properly. Currently CC-Buttons are not detected. A new button in the Assign Functions dialog will appear when a CC-MIDI message is received that can be changed. Use the "MIDI CC Message Options" button to tell PrControl that a CC message should be seen as a button.

The dialog also has an option to apply the change to multiple MIDI messages. To use this, first use all the controls that should be changed, so you see the message listed in the Assign Functions dialog. Then change to the correct type and enable the checkbox to apply to all.

PrControl 1.6.4

Improved Free Trial

You can now get a free trial more quickly. The trial license is delivered automatically. The same mechanism is used as when you purchase a permanent license. A trial license that was obtained this way only works with 1.6.4 and newer.

Fader Touches as buttons

Touching or releasing a touch sensitive fader no longer shows up as a button event in the Assign Functions dialog. This makes assigning a new function to a fader easier. This improvement affects the X-Touch and extender, X-Touch Compact, MCU-Pro and extender, Platform M and iControls Pro.

New generated reference pages.

The generated reference pages do not use any external css or javascript libraries anymore. This makes them smaller and a little bit faster. The layout for printing has been improved as well.

Platform M Reference fixed

The rows of buttons were shown in the wrong order, they now show correctly with the top row of buttons on top in both the reference panel and generated reference page.

X-Touch Compact

The default configuration has some small improvements.

PrControl 1.6.3

Improved Jog function

The jog function only worked well on some controllers, those that have relative encoders. But now with 1.6.3 you can jog with any controller! Move a control slowly for stepping frame by frame through your timeline. Or apply a modifier to speed up.

Locking Modifiers

There are now locking modifiers. These are needed for the BCF2000 and BCR2000, because these controllers do not send a message when releasing a button. But of course, you can use the locking modifiers on any controller, in case you prefer to keep a modifier active.

PrControl 1.6.2


With modifiers, the behavior of certain functions can be modified. To start with, only a few functions can be modified, in this release only Forward, Rewind and Jog.

The modifiers correspond to the modifiers on the MCU-Pro and X-Touch controllers: Shift, Option, Control and Alt. These modifiers behave like modifier keys found on keyboards, they are active while the button is pressed. In addition there are two sticky modifiers, these are toggled by pressing the button. These are Marker and Nudge and the modify only the behavior of the Forward and Backward buttons.

To use the modifiers, first assign them to a button on your controller. PrControl does not access the keyboard, only the modifiers used on the controller are used. Note that for controllers using the Mackie Control (MC) protocol, the modifiers are mapped to the buttons as they are labeled. In other words the shift modifier is assigned to the shift button etc.


While shift is down, the jog wheel jumps by 5 frames at a time.


While option is down, the jog wheel jumps by 24 frames at a time.


While alt is down, the jog wheel jumps by 30 frames at a time.


While control is down, the jog wheel shuttles.


When the Marker modifier is active, Forward moves the playhead to the next marker.


When the Marker modifier is active, Rewind moves the playhead to the previous marker.


When the Marker modifier is active, Forward nudges forward.


When the Marker modifier is active, Rewind nudges backward.

PrControl 1.6.1


Assigning functions to controls was broken.

PrControl 1.6

Arturia Beatstep

The Beatstep is now supported. When it is detected at startup, it is automatically configured by PrControl.

Improved Audio Level Meters

Some controllers that work with the MC protocol have build in level meters. These meters work better now. For example with the iCON QCon Pro X.

Bugs Fixed

Reset pan now resets to middle instead of left. Lumetri range is now saved and remembered next time you use PrControl.

PrControl 1.5.4

Windows Extended Validation

The Windows installer is now signed with an EV certificate, this ensures that the code has not been tampered with. And it eliminates some warnings using the installer.

MIDI Fighter Twister

Support for the DJ tech tools Midi Fighter Twister has been improved. The plug-in now limits the amount of messages processed to a maximum of 20 per second. This prevents overloading Premiere Pro and slowing down using PrControl.

PrControl 1.5.3

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem that the plug-in was trying to connect the reference panel too often.

PrControl 1.5.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sending preset data to BCF2000 and BCR2000.
  • Fixed encoder buttons BCF2000 and BCR2000.
  • Fixed default configurations Platform M and X-Touch mini.
  • Fixed Reference Panel initial display.

Note you only get the default configuration when using a device for the first time, or if you reset it to defaults in the PrControl setup options.

PrControl 1.5.1

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug detecting certain relative encoder types.

Fixed a bug switching controller protocol.

PrControl 1.5

PrControl Extension Panel

The extension panel for PrControl is ready. Open it from the Premiere Window, PrControl Functions.

This new panel displays information from the PrControl plug-in. It shows the current functions of the controls. And it also shows the last function used, including the value, if applicable.

Bug Fixes

Various small bugs fixed.

PrControl 1.4.2

UI Improvements

The look of the setup dialog is improved.

Toggle Clip Mixer

New function to toggle clip-mixer mode. Assign this to a LED button and when the LED is on, you control the clip mixer.


To try out PrControl, you can request a 7-day trial license by email.

New Control Detection

For generic controllers, PrControl needs to detect the MIDI messages the controller sends.

MIDI CC messages come in many different varieties. PrControl now supports more and has improved detection of the CC message type. For relative encoders, it may take a while to detect the type. Keep turning the encoder left and right until it behaves properly. PrControl remembers the control type.

MIDI Fighter Relative Encoders

For the MIDI Fighter Twister from DJ-Tech tools, you can now also use the controller with relative encoders. Use the controller editor from DJ-Tech tools to change the encoder messages, PrControl will automatically detect it if you turn the encoder left and right a few times.


PrControl now has a logging function to help diagnose issues, the logging is normally off. To enable logging place a text-file named PremiereControl.log in your Documents folder.


PrControl 1.3.0

Bug Fixes

Fixed a problem while shutting down the plug-in.

New Function

You can now generate the controller reference with a button on the controller itself. So you no longer have to open the setup dialog to view the functions.

New Trial Mode

The trial mode has changed. There is no longer a time limit each session. In trial mode, not all PrControl functions are available. Trial mode has a few basic lumetri parameters and a few Premiere Pro commands. Transport and audio functions all work in trial mode.

PrControl 1.2.0

Bug Fixes

Fixed some problems generating controller reference pages.

New Mute Function

While configuring the controller, you can turn on the new mute function, This will temporarily stop PrControl from performing controller functions.

Reset to defaults

You can now reset the controller configuration to default from the controller options dialog.


The PrControl version is now shown in the setup dialog.

PrControl 1.1.5

Bug Fix

Fixed a problem with the X-Touch mini. Unneeded controller updates made the LEDs flicker and could even cause unwanted changes.

This update also improves performance on other controllers.

PrControl 1.1.4

Improved Controller Sync

When moving sliders quickly up and down, or turning the jog wheel very fast, the controller could not keep up and get behind. You could see the sliders dancing up and down for a while or the time-display counting on to get to the current time. Now the rate of updates send to the controller is limited. And so it stays in sync much better than before.

PrControl 1.1.3

Bug fixes

Various bugs-fixed and other small improvements.

Update checker

PrControl now checks for updates once every week.

Layer Saved

PrControl saves the selected layer and starts up with the last used layer.

PrControl 1.1.2

mac OS Catalina

New mac-only installer that works on Catalina

PrControl 1.1.1

UI improvements

Removed misleading cancel buttons. Some cancel buttons did not really cancel anything.

Lumetri Options improvement

Use the existing values for lumetri options if available.

PrControl 1.1.0

Lumetri Options

Set range and step for lumetri parameters.

PrControl 1.0.0

Initial Release

After about two years of development, the 1.0 was released.