PrControl Quick Start

This page wil help you get stared with PrControl. Here is an overview of what you need.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. A MIDI controller
  3. The PrControl plug-in

Adobe Premiere Pro

Use PrControl with Premiere Pro 2019 or newer. For using PrControl it is recommended to use the newest version of Premiere Pro, because Adobe is actively fixing issues that impact using control-surfaces.

Choosing a MIDI Controller

PrControl works with any midi controller. But it works best with a limited selection of controllers that are automatically recognised and configured. There are currently 15 recommended controllers that work great with PrControl.

When you want to use a MIDI controller that is not in this list, you have to assign functions to the controller yourself. If your controller supports Mackie Control (MC), then use that, the controller will get the same functions as the X-Touch or MCU-PRO controllers.

PrControl plug-in

The PrControl plug-in comes as an installer, which you can get from the downloads page. The files have to be in specific locations, the installer takes care of that. After installation, Premiere Pro automatically detects PrControl during launch. To start using it, the plug-in has to be loaded using the Control Surface preferences in Premiere Pro.


Go to the download page to download the installer for macOS or Windows.


You can purchase a permanent license or get a free trial license. If you want to try out PrControl, get a trial license when you have a MIDI controller and you are ready to try it.

Loading PrControl

Connect you MIDI controller to your computer and turn it on.

Now, start Adobe Premiere Pro.

Open a project or make a new one. Please note that you cannot use the plug-in if no project is open.

Once the project is loaded, open the Control Surface preferences in Premiere Pro. If you already have a plug-in enabled that uses your controller, remove it first. Then click the Add button to add PrControl. Scroll down to see the PrControl plug-in if you do not see it.

Then click the Setup button to open the interface for configuring the controller functions. When you start PrControl for the first time, a dialog for entering your license is opened. From this dialog you can also open the store page to get a permanent or trial license.

The setup dialog shows a list with all the MIDI devices you have connected. And a few buttons to configure PrControl.


Start PrControl Video

This video shows how to start the PrControl plug-in after you have installed it.

PrControl Extension Panel (new in PrControl 1.5)

Open the PrControl Functions panel to view the functions of the controls. The panel starts working as soon as the plug-in is active. Try pushing a button on the controller. You should see the function appear in the panel.


Panel Content

The panel shows the last function send from the controller, including the value of the parameter. Below that are tables showing the controller functions. When you change the functions, the panel updates automatically. For example when you change the layer, or assign a new function to a control.


Resizing the Panel

When you make the panel narrow, you will automatically see abbreviations of the functions. If there is more content than fits in the panel, you can scroll the panel vertically.


Using PrControl

Once you have installed and loaded the PrControl plug-in and have connected a controller, you have everything to start using PrControl.

To find out more about PrControl features and available functions have a look at the PrControl usage page.