Upgrade to LrControl 5

If you have a license for LrControl 1 to 4, you can get a discount coupon or a free license.

License newer than May 1, 2019

Your new license is ready for you. Send an email to receive your new license code. Include the email address associated with your current license.

License from before May 1, 2019

You can get a 30% discount coupon. These coupons are valid until July 1, 2021. To request a coupon, send an email and include the email address associated with your current license.

Can I keep using my old license?

Sure you can. You can keep using your current license with LrControl 4. Your plug-in will not be updated, but it will not stop working any time soon. Note that if you upgrade your operating system, the plug-in could break and stop working. In theory, a future version of Lightroom may not be compatible with LrControl 4, but it is not very likely. So far, Adobe has never released an upgrade that was incompatible. Sometimes a new version has a bug causing problems with LrControl, but these bugs should be fixed by Adobe.

Why upgrade?

When you upgrade you will receive updates for at least a year. If Lightroom gets new functions they will be added to LrControl. Also LrControl will continue to be improved regularly with new features and bug fixes. Your upgrade helps to make this possible. See what is new in LrControl 5

Upgrade your license.

Once you have your 30% discount coupon, start the normal purchase of a license and apply your coupon code during the checkout. See how to use a coupon.


LrControl 5 €49 (apply coupon for a 30% discount)

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