Recommended MIDI Controllers for Photo and Video editing

There are many Midi controllers available. On this page, you can find a selection of MIDI controllers that are great for use with the LrControl and PrControl plug-ins.

Controller NamePictureBrandPriceSize mmSize InchWeightWeight lbsPower UseFadersMotorisedResolutionEncodersEncoder TypeButtonsLED ButtonsBuildMain MaterialPowerUSBChannel DisplayTime DisplayTransportJog Wheel
X-Touch Behringer+++110x452x301mm3.9x17.8x11.9"4.3 kg9.4 lbs30W9YesHigh8Relative/Push9292+SteelACBYesYesYesYes
X-Touch Extender Behringer++97x290x303mm3.8x11.4x11.9"3.1 kg6.8 lbs30W8YesHigh8Relative/Push3232+SteelACBYesNoNoNo
X-Touch Compact Behringer++100x391x301mm3.9x15.4x11.8"3.7 kg8.2 lbs25W9YesNormal16Absolute/Push3939+SteelACBNoNoNoNo
X-Touch mini Behringer+47x325x102mm1.9x12.8x4"0.52 kg1.1 lbs1W1NoNormal8Absolute/Push1616+PlasticUSBMini-BNoNoNoNo
Platform-M + iCON++55x395x198mm2.2x15.6x7.8"1.65 kg3.63 lbs24W9YesHigh8Relative/Push47+SteelEXTBOptionNoYesYes
MCU Pro Mackie++++113x419x429mm4.4x16.5x16.9"7.6 kg16.8 lbs10W9YesHigh8Relative/Push10260+++SteelEXTBYesYesYesYes
MCU Extender Pro Mackie++++113x256x429mm4.4x10x16.9"5.0 kg11.0 lbs10W8YesHigh8Relative/Push4032+++SteelEXT-YesNoNoNo
nanoKONTROL 2KORG+30x325x83mm1.18x12.8x3.27"0.3 kg0.65 lbs0.5W8NoNormal8Absolute3535+PlasticUSBMini-BNoNoYesNo
MidiMix AKAI+30x239x201mm1.2x9.4x7.9"0.7 kg1.5 lbs0.5W9NoNormal24Absolute1919++PlasticUSBBNoNoNoNo
Midi Fighter TwisterDJ Tech Tools++58x152x152mm2.3x6x6"0.54 kg1.2 lbs1.3W0--16Absolute/Relative/Push60++PlasticUSBBNoNoNoNo
Launchpad Mini Mk2 Novation+18x184x184mm0.7x7.2x7.2"0.42 kg0.9 lbs1W0--0-8080++PlasticUSBMicroNoNoNoNo
BCF2000 Behringer100x300x320mm3.9x11.8x13"2.7 kg5.9 lbs10W8YesNormal8Absolute/Push2020+SteelACBNoNoNoNo
BCR2000Behringer100x300x320mm3.9x11.8x13"2.3 kg5.1 lbs10W0--32Absolute/Push2020+SteelACBNoNoNoNo
iControls PROiCON26x392x180mm1x15.4x7.1"1.8 kg4 lbs10W9YesHigh9Relative/Push4444++SteelEXTMini-BNoNoYesYes
Beatstep Arturia+34x324x127mm1.3x12.8x5"0.9 kg2 lbs1W0--16Absolute/Relative2424++SteelUSBMini-BNoNoNoYes


There are no actual prices listed in the table above, because the prices of MIDI controllers vary a lot. For example the X-Touch, at my favourite store it is sometimes about €700, while the normal price is about €400. For the prices, the more plusses, the more expensive it is.

Energy Consumption

MIDI contollers do not use a lot of power, but the controllers with motorised faders need more than can supplied over USB, so they use power adapters. Power usage is either specified by the manufacturer, or measured and rounded up. The actual power usage is often significantly less than the manufacturer specified.


Build quality is subjective and in this table it refers to the physical construction. Is the controller made of light weight plastic? Like the KORG nanoKontrol. Or is it made of steel and really heavy? Like the Mackie controllers for example.


Motorised faders are much better for editing photos and videos, they can adapt to current parameter values. That makes it easy to make adjustments.

Controllers with unmotorised faders are much cheaper and lighter, but when you touch a fader, the corresponding parameter makes a jump to the value of the fader.


The encoders on the AKAI MidiMix and KORG nanoKONTROL cannot be set from the plug-in, this means the parameter value in the host application will make a jump when you move the encoder.